Recent Planning Applications

4 Langdale Close Wetherby LS22 6YE

13th November 2023

First floor front extension; part two storey part first floor side extension and single storey rear extension

Grasmere House Audby Lane Wetherby LS22 7FD

13th November 2023

T5 Sycamore -Height 66 feet, 20.3 metres high, by 60 feet, 18.46 metres wide. Carry out a crown reduction of 10 metres thereby leaving the tree 33 feet, 10.3 metres high and a spread of 30 feet 9.23 metres wide. This will require a crown reduction in heigh

43 Badger Wood Glade Wetherby LS22 7XR

6th November 2023

Garage extension and conversion to form habitable accommodation; single storey side extension to create garden store

39 Montagu Road Wetherby LS22 6JY

24th October 2023

Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for extension of the existing dormer window to the rear

3 Nichols Way Wetherby LS22 6AD

17th October 2023

T1 Beech - To reduce the crown by approximately 2-3m where it overhangs the boundary with 3 Nichols Way.

Land At Spofforth Hill Spofforth Hill Wetherby LS22 6SE

17th October 2023

Consent, agreement or approval required by Conditions 5, 16, 17, 19 and 20 of Planning Application 23/05112/FU

Welburn Cottage Deighton Road Wetherby LS22 7QF

10th October 2023

Consent, agreement or approval required by Condition 20 of Planning Application 17/05137/FU

High Trees Oak Ridge Wetherby LS22 6GT

3rd October 2023

G1 3 Lawson Leylandii - Reduce the height of 6-7 meters to previous pruning points to allow more light into the side of the house.

47 North Street Wetherby LS22 6NU

28th September 2023

Certificate of Existing Lawful Development for Use as a 7 person house in multiple occupation

16 Ennerdale Close Wetherby LS22 6TZ

13th September 2023

Partial demolition of existing conservatory and construction of single storey extension to rear

9 Fourth Avenue Wetherby Leeds LS22 6JW

7th September 2023

4.70m single storey rear extension, 3.40m to ridge height and 2.40m to eaves

25 First Avenue Wetherby LS22 6JL

6th September 2023

Single storey rear extension

Land At Spofforth Hill Spofforth Hill Wetherby LS22 6SE

30th August 2023

Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) to previously approved planning application 21/09621/FU (Construction of two dwellings and associated works) for alterations to dwelling proposed for plot two

1 Glebe Field Croft Wetherby LS22 6WQ

29th August 2023

Garage conversion to habitable room space with new window replacing garage door

66 Westgate Wetherby LS22 6NJ

25th August 2023

Single storey side extension

Apartment 21 Castle Keep Scott Lane Wetherby LS22 6NY

24th August 2023

T1 Sycamore - Reduce lateral canopy tending toward the south by 1.5-2m T2 Purple Plum - Reduce height by 1m to clear streetlight and spread by 0.5m to enhance the form G1 Leyland Cypress Hedge - Reduce height by 3m to increase light into property G2 Magnol

1 Ashburn Croft Wetherby LS22 5RE

23rd August 2023

Demolition of existing Garage; Single storey side/rear extension

13 Spofforth Hill Wetherby LS22 6SF

22nd August 2023

T1 Cherry - Fell are the tree is dead. Replace with x1 Yew 2m tall, 3m away from the Cherry stump T2 Hornbeam - Crown lift by 30cm all round to improve the light levels beneath the tree

Priest Hill House Aire Road Wetherby LS22 7FJ

21st August 2023

T1 Beech - Crown lift over lawn and neighbouring property by 2m (start height 3m end height 5m. max cut 60mm) Lateral reduction on property and neighbouring property's side (west,north and east side) by 3m (start canopy spread 16m end canopy spread 10m

Land At Spofforth Hill Spofforth Hill Wetherby LS22 6SE

15th August 2023

Consent, agreement or approval required by conditions 9, 12, 13 and 15b of Planning Application 21/09621/FU

Land Off Privas Way Wetherby LS22 6RN

14th August 2023

Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) to previously approved planning application 21/05225/FU for increase in floor space to provide additional staff, office and WC facilities

39 Kings Meadow Close Wetherby LS22 7FU

14th August 2023

Single storey rear extension

56 Coxwold View Wetherby LS22 7PU

7th August 2023

Single storey rear extension with juliette balconies to each side and rear; single storey side extension, incorporating ramp to side; demolition of existing garage and bay window to rear

9 Wharfe View Wetherby LS22 6HB

3rd August 2023

Part two storey part single storey side elevation and single storey side/rear elevation

The Red Lion Hotel 19 High Street Wetherby LS22 6LR

3rd August 2023

Replacement of one double-sided pictorial sign; two illuminated lettering signs; one non-illuminated door plaque; two non-illuminated signs; one non-illuminated double sided freestanding sign; one lantern; four wall lights; three LED floodlights